About Shane Betts

Photography & Video Melbourne Australia

A Life Creative

I have worked as a creative professional for 45 years, with the time divided between creating still and moving images.

Throughout this journey I have successfully combined my creative instincts and practical experience with a strong, innate ability to understand and embrace “the message”, to produce inspired, imaginative content that exceeds stakeholder expectations and meets the most demanding technical standards.

Starting as a darkroom worker in my late teens, I progressed to photographing for tourism publications and weddings in my early twenties, before moving over to the film and television business in my late twenties, where I worked as a freelancer for almost 30 years – with a small venture into fashion photography somewhere in the middle – before returning to stills photography in 2012, running my own real estate photography business until the current day.

In the film and TV biz, I have worked at the highest levels as: 

  • Producer/Director (TVCs, music videos and corporate communications)
  • Cinematographer (Award-winning short drama, documentaries, television current affairs and news and corporate communications)
  • Writer (Award-winning [although unproduced] feature film, award-winning short drama, TVC’s and corporate communications)
  • Editor (Short drama, documentaries, TVCs, music videos and corporate communications)
  • Various other roles, from Sound Recordist to facility designer, builder and manager and provider of technical support for feature film projects.